Who Will Benefit?

Everyone! Dietary changes and growth can be challenging to make, Maya-Lis will help you in your transition, including meal guiding, adequate nutrition, creative snack ideas, grocery lists, tasty meal ideas, micronutrient education, environmental nutrition, etc.

Services Offered

  • Planning and developing healthy eating guidelines
  • Providing nutrition plans based on your unique makeup
  • Nutrition education
  • Long-term nutritional needs care
  • Nutrition hormone balancing
  • Grocery shopping guide
  • Restaurant guide
  • Elimination diet
  • Nutrition guide to cooking

Personal Nutrition Consulting

  • The goal is to prolong a healthy life, not just to prolong your life. In mental health, physical health, and emotional health.
  • This includes private consultations to assist adults and children, individually or in a group, with dietary restrictions, healthy eating, and creating personalized programs. With all of the mainstream diets surfing the web and community, it is difficult to find which foods, type of eating, how much food to eat, etc. is best for your unique design of a human. My goal, with the research, science, and education I have equipped, I can provide you with the tools you need to take back your power in your life to take care of your BEST self.
  • Lets work together to reduce/rid your medication AND prevent you from ever feeling the need to take it. Lets increase your cognitive function. Lets reduce all risks of acute and chronic disease. I believe in you and I believe you have the ability to help yourself with all the tools I can provide for you.

Weight Consulting

  • Weight loss is a slow process with ever lasting benefits. Healthy eating, healthy mindset, and the education necessary will set you up for success. I want you to feel you can eat without worries. I want you to have the power to make your own strong mental choices. Adopting a negative mindset along with restrictive eating can cause deprivation and ultimately, make you feel defeated. With this service you will learn the mental and emotional strength and the cognition needed to reach your goal(s)!
  • "I can have what I want, I can eat what I want, but I choose to nourish my body"

Fitness and Nutrition Consulting

  • With my six years of personal training experience and my education with nutrition I am offering a fitness and nutrition service, combined. This service will include different lengths of time, dependent upon what your needs are. With added fitness, I will be able to help you keep track of your weight loss/maintenance/gain or other goals such as toning, definition, hypertrophy, etc. This service is for you to wipe all your worries away and be able to stay present. You will learn the necessary education throughout this program to stay motivated within yourself. Goal: to feel your ultimate you!
  • Physical activity with nutrition will ensure you keep living a healthy life. This marriage will enable your body to absorb and utilize nutrients, naturally detox the body, burn calories as energy, bring your metabolism back, and maintain a strong frame for everyday activities/living.

Pricing of Services

Initial visit (in-person/telephone/e-mail/online): 30 minutes - $40.00

  • We will discuss your health history and eating patterns, delve into what has held you back from achieving your goals in the past and assemble a plan for moving forward. You will be guided on how to improve your lifestyle by learning realistic and sustainable food behaviors specific to you.

Follow up visits: 30 minutes - $40.00

  • Let's continue the conversation to help you continue on your journey to a full lifestyle reset, a new relationship with food and/or management of a diagnosed condition.


  • In person consultation
  • One-time payment
  • Individualized nutrition based upon your unique needs
  • Adult and child nutrition education
  • Feeling happy and free around food
  • Help in overcoming obstacles:
    • Excessive appetite
    • Cravings for certain foods
    • Gastrointestinal discomfort
    • Energy depletion
    • Shopping tips


*All payments are non-refundable