Services Offered

Services that are available:

  • Customized Nutrition Plans

  • Recipe Building and Meal Prepping

  • Nutrition Education on:

    • Clinical Conditions (acute and chronic disease)

    • Nutrition Wellness (building a healthy relationship with food via physical and emotional health)

    • Sports Nutrition (professional and recreational athletes)

  • Grocery Shopping Consultations

  • Home Dietary Consultations

  • Online Nutrition Consultations

  • Diet Consulting Preference (vegan, vegetarian, paleo, carnivore, raw)

  • Elimination Diet Education and Planning

  • Food Sensitivity Consultations

  • Herbal Therapy

Who Will Benefit?

Everyone! Dietary changes and special diets can be challenging to adopt and Wright Way Nutrition will help you in your transition. This includes meal guiding, nutrition therapy, creative snack ideas, grocery lists, tasty meal prepping, micronutrient/macronutrient education.

Personal Nutrition Consulting

Services are tailored for each individual there are no standards because each person is different and unique.

  • The goal is to prolong a healthy life, not just to prolong your life. In mental health, physical health, and emotional health.

  • This includes private consultations to assist adults and children, individually, with dietary restrictions, healthy eating, and creating personalized programs. With all of the mainstream diets surfing the web and community, it is difficult to find which foods to eat, type of eating, how much food to eat, etc. is best for your unique design of a human. My goal, with the research, science, and education I have equipped, I can provide you with the tools you need to take back your power in your life to take the best care of yourself and feel confident while doing it.

  • Lets work together to reduce/rid your medication and prevent you from the need to take it. Lets increase your cognitive function. Lets reduce all risks of acute and chronic disease. I believe in you and I believe you have the ability to help yourself with all the tools I can provide for you.

Weight Consulting

  • Weight loss is a slow process with ever lasting benefits. Healthy eating, healthy mindset, and the education necessary will set you up for success. I want you to feel you can eat without worries or guilt. I want you to have the power to make your own strong mental choices. Adopting a negative mindset along with restrictive eating can cause deprivation and ultimately, make you feel defeated. With this service you will learn the mental and emotional strength and the cognition needed to reach your goal(s)!

  • Repeat: "I can have what I want, I can eat what I want, but I choose to nourish my body"

  • Weight Consulting isn't just weight loss, but to maintain health/weight or increase weight through muscle gain and healthy fat. Our bodies can plateau once we have gotten used to eating a certain way, continuing the same routine for years, or not putting forth effort to continue healthy habits. Increasing or decreasing your body mass index can be difficult if you have a sitting job, don't make time to workout, don't make time to prepare your meals, or rely on someone else to keep you healthy. We can help you no matter where you are on the spectrum. This service will allow for you to feel empowered about yourself and your decisions.

Fitness and Nutrition Consulting

  • This is an in person service

  • With my eight years of personal training experience and my education with nutrition, I am offering a fitness and nutrition service, combined. This service will include different lengths of time, dependent upon what your needs are. With added fitness, I will be able to help you keep track of your weight loss/maintenance/gain or other goals such as toning, definition, hypertrophy, strength, etc. This service is for you to wash your hands of worries and be able to stay present with your goals. You will learn the necessary education throughout this program to stay motivated within yourself.

  • Goal: to feel your ultimate you!

  • Physical activity with nutrition will ensure you keep living a healthy life. This marriage will enable your body to absorb and utilize nutrients, naturally detox the body, burn calories as energy, bring your metabolism back, and maintain a strong frame for everyday activities/living.

Pricing of Services

Initial visit (in-person/telephone/video): 60 minutes

  • We will discuss your health history and eating patterns

  • Delve into what has held you back from achieving your goals in the past and assemble a plan for moving forward

  • You will be guided on how to improve your lifestyle by learning realistic and sustainable food behaviors specific to you

  • Learn where to start on creating healthy habits

  • Discuss the steps needed to achieve your goals

  • 60 minutes is the minimum time needed

Follow up visits: 30 minutes

  • To maintain accountability

  • Progress through your dietary steps

  • Continue creating healthy habits

  • Check in with your goals

  • Make changes to your dietary plan

Consultations with Accountability

  • Includes everything from initial visit to follow up

  • 2 weekly consultations via in person, telephone, or video

  • Lifestyle/habit changes

  • Free fitness assessment included

  • Free access to your Nutritionist with questions/comments with a 24 hour response time

  • Private access to grocery store trips, home pantry tips plus dining out and vacation meal planning

Customized Meal Plan without Consultations

  • Includes individualized plan created for your goals

  • Includes:

    • Master food list

    • Grocery store shopping lists

    • Do's and Don'ts of foods

    • Recipes for one month

    • Exercise tips and suggestions

    • Women - Cycle Calendar

Monthly Subscription

  • If you aren't ready to take the plunge into a full lifestyle change and have questions, but need answers. This is the right service for you.

  • This service includes contact with a real nutritionist that is able to answer all your questions

  • Availability for this service is M-F

In Person Personal Training Per Month for 30 minutes per session

*45 minute and 60 minute personal training sessions available

*All payments are non-refundable*

For a 24 hour or less cancellation before discussed time is a 50% fee of the consultation price. Consultations must be cancelled before 24 hours of the specified time.

Wright Way Nutrition, LLC also partners with Baptist Health to bring their patients education, nutrition help and guidance.

All new clients must first complete the new client health assessment