Services Offered

Services that are available:

Who Will Benefit?

Everyone! Dietary changes and special diets can be challenging to adopt and Wright Way Nutrition will help you in your transition. This includes meal guiding, nutrition therapy, creative snack ideas, grocery lists, tasty meal prepping, micronutrient/macronutrient education.

Personal Nutrition Consulting

Services are tailored for each individual there are no standards because each person is different and unique.

Weight Consulting

Fitness and Nutrition Consulting

Pricing of Services

Initial visit (in-person/telephone/video): 60 minutes

Follow up visits: 30 minutes

Consultations with Accountability

Customized Meal Plan without Consultations

Monthly Subscription

In Person Personal Training Per Month for 30 minutes per session

*45 minute and 60 minute personal training sessions available

*All payments are non-refundable*

For a 24 hour or less cancellation before discussed time is a 50% fee of the consultation price. Consultations must be cancelled before 24 hours of the specified time.

Wright Way Nutrition, LLC also partners with Baptist Health to bring their patients education, nutrition help and guidance.

All new clients must first complete the new client health assessment