Maya-Lis Wright

Qualified Nutritionist

Maya-Lis Wright is a Licensed Certified Nutritionist in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and a Professional and Certified Personal Trainer. She holds a Master's Degree in Sports Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Nutritional Wellness, and Human Performance from Logan University.  Her background consists of Nutrition Consulting in-person and online, One-on-One Personal Training,  and 4 years of bikini bodybuilding. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Western Kentucky University. 


So glad you're here! Hi! 👋 

I'm Maya-Lis Wright.  I'm so glad you're here! Here is a little about me and why your health is so important to me.

I'm a lover of all things food, fitness, wellness, and outdoors. I began my personal wellness and nutrition journey nine years ago.  I grew up playing a large amount of sports and being highly active, but I had no idea what nutrition consisted of at a young age. Once I reached college and no longer played organized sports, I had to take it upon myself to get active again which led me to my career of bikini bodybuilding. With living such an intense lifestyle of being strict on my food, exercising, being in college and tempted with all kinds of foods, I started to come into not feeling my best on a daily basis. I was stuck on why I felt this way even though I trained and ate what I thought was a healthy way. 

This led to a lot of colds and feeling sick often. I started to ask questions to healthcare professionals and received no answers, only guesstimates. Instead I was offered a bandaid of antibiotics. Diet, lifestyle, stress, etc. were never spoken about and through taking all kinds of antibiotics, my body began building an intolerance to all of them.

After my last time of leaving the health service center with a steroid shot dimple, I was extremely furious, upset, and fed up. This feeling of frustration caused me to start getting into health while I was in college and turning my life into a true wellness profession.

Through my years of education, love, and continued learning I have built a foundation of health that all persons should know subconsciously and be able to use everyday. This allows for prevention from disease, changing the genetic makeup of your human genome to create a healthier child, and feeling your absolute best every day

The best part of nutrition is how individualized it is and should be. Once you learn about your body, what you need and how to fuel yourself properly, your entire life changes for the better. Whether that's stronger relationships with your loved ones, better work/life balance, healthy sleep patterns, consistent bowel movements, mental stability, and so much more will come from eating what you should. 

Wright Way Nutrition was created to provide a helping hand to those in search of completely changing their lives for the better in each avenue of life. WWN provides individualized help to those seeking it as an individual, family, couple, or in between. 

I am here for you and I'm passionate about your health.

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