Maya-Lis Wright

Qualified Nutritionist

Maya-Lis Wright is a Licensed Certified Nutritionist in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and a Professional Personal Trainer. She holds a Master's Degree in Sports Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Nutritional Wellness, and Human Performance from Logan University. Her background consists of Nutrition Consulting in-person and online, One-on-One Personal Training, and 4 years of bikini bodybuilding. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from Western Kentucky University.


Hi! I'm Maya-Lis Wright. I'm a lover of all things food, fitness, and outdoors.

I love nutrition, nutrition related topics, health, physical activity, and mother nature and I am very passionate about educating and helping!

Nutrition is different for everyone and there isn't a one size fits all approach. This is the number one reason why Wright Way Nutrition was created. To benefit you and your individual and unique needs.

A sustainable healthy lifestyle provides longevity, lasting results, healthy habits and a happy life.

I am here for you and I'm passionate about your health.

Wright Way Nutrition Location

Our office is located in Northern Berea on Richmond Road less than 15 minutes South of Richmond.

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