Maya-Lis Wright

Qualified Nutritionist

Maya-Lis Wright is a Licensed Certified Nutritionist in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and a Professional Personal Trainer. She holds a Master's Degree in Sports Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Nutritional Wellness, and Human Performance from Logan University. Her background consists of Nutrition Consulting in-person and online, One-on-One Personal Training, and 4 years of bikini bodybuilding. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from Western Kentucky University.


Hi! I'm Maya-Lis Wright. I'm a lover of all things food, fitness, and outdoors.

I love nutrition, nutrition related topics, health, physical activity, and mother nature and I am very passionate about educating and helping!

Nutrition is different for everyone and there isn't a one size fits all approach. This is the number one reason why Wright Way Nutrition was created. To benefit you and your individual and unique needs.

About me: I didn't start off with loving healthy habits. I grew into it. Learning and soon yearning for answers that I couldn't find from books/health care professionals, etc. I dove into the nutrition field when I was in college due to my interest of cooking and baking. My undergraduate school provided a class in the nutrition field that allowed for real cooking/tasting/learning about the science of food makeup and how it is broken down through cooking and in human bodies. At this point of my life, I was discovering my passion. I began to get more curious of how healthier foods benefit the body vs. the food/fad diets/supplements that are pushed on main stream. Obviously the healthier foods made a huge difference in sleep, performance, bowel movements, brain function, and overall body feeling.

This is where all the questions began.

This led me to continue pursing my educational background through my graduate degree and now to being a Licensed Nutritionist of my own business.

Wright Way Nutrition is here to give you answers to why your body may not be functioning properly, having improper menses cycles, pain with bowel movements, clinical diseases, random bloating/gas, auto-immune flare ups, and so much more.

For nine years now I have personally been living a healthy lifestyle that is nourish driven with lots of daily movement and exercise.

If you're ready for answers, give me a call, e-mail me or check me out on social media.

I am here for you and I'm passionate about your health.

Wright Way Nutrition Location

Our office is located in Northern Berea on Richmond Road less than 15 minutes South of Richmond.

Call us to schedule an appointment or get a pre-appointment assessment by telephone at (859) 358-0568

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